Is your blog loading speed fast?

Based on Google Webmaster Tool ~ Site performance, my blog ~ takes 13.5 seconds to load (updated on Dec 17, 2010). And it is slower than 98% of sites. This is not a good sign because site speed is one of the factor in Google search ranking algorithms. So you will rank lower if your page speed is slow. But the question is how much?

I took 2 web pages to test ~ (CloudFlare Review: Speed Up and Protect Your Blog) and (Download darkstone SuperRAM FroYo Android ROM for HTC HD2). For your information, is using CloudFlare which has Globally-distributed network (CDN) while is hosted at HostMonster with WordPress Super Cache plugin only.

Based on the video above, CloudFlare does not seem to help much in improving blog loading speed. Maybe due to many advertisements and other add-ons. How is your blog loading speed? Check it out with the help of WebPagetest.

  • ken

    i think mine pretty slow coz got lots of pics.. 🙂

    • Try to use < --more--> function. It will cut down each post content on main domain.

  • CDN can help image load faster (parallelism factor) since web browser has the limit to serve X number of object from a domain itself.

    I don’t have money to invest in CDN so I look for area like caching and minimizing CSS and JS technique which is zero cost. Think Y! Slow and Google Page Speed is the best indicator on which area you should tune your blog 🙂

  • am using MaxCDN, its cheap. RM99 for 1000GB of bandwith (prepaid). I’ve check with Google Webmaster, my site was 90% slower than other sites, after than, it was 60 – 70%.

    • Checked your blog with WebPagetest… Sometimes is really fast but sometimes slow. Some pictures took quite long to load.

      • yeah, sometimes… overall, it is better than without CDN. I can’t say much about an increase in traffic, coz traffic remains the same since august.

  • Medow

    I’ve tested with

    it’s slow because
    1. too many css files (and no compression)
    2. too many js files
    3. too many broken images

    There’s nothing to discuss, really. Those things need to be fixed BEFORE talking about CDN.

    • There is really nothing much that I can do on my site. Those are 3rd parties stuffs. And for the 20 errors, that is Site Load Test error. Why does Blogads load my theme images? 🙂

      • Medow

        you can, in fact
        remove 3rd parties stuff 🙂
        what i’m trying to say CDN won’t make any difference

  • My site took 29 seconds. Super slow…Need to cut off and compress all the images to the max. Nuffnang is slowing down the site.