JayceOoi.com 2010 Performance Review

Yes, year 2010 is great for JayceOoi.com. Lot of traffic from search engine after I got my first smartphone ~ HTC HD2. Just wondering how JayceOoi.com would be if without HTC HD2 traffic…

I managed to get 216.24% increased on visits and 284.47% on pageviews compare to year 2009. And reached 500,000 pageviews per month on December 2010. There was a sharp drop thanks to Innity hosts malware issue. More than half day traffic was gone. HostMonster hosting also had several downtime issues but not so serious than Innity.

Slow and steady is always my type of way but I will start to look into popular keyword topic to write. I don’t like to do so but no choice because those topic really attract more traffic and money. Even a blog with lower traffic than mine can earn lot more Google AdSense income than mine. And looking forward to invite guests to write post. Of course with revenue sharing (if I can get that WordPress plugin working).

Year 2011 will be another great year too. Lot of tablets, smartphones are coming out. Can’t wait to test all of them. Target to have more than 20K daily visits (currently 9K) and Google PageRank 5 (currently PR4). Okay, let’s fight for it.