Microphone for SLR camera, video camcorder is subjected to 10% sales tax in Malaysia

“Microphone for SLR camera, video camcorder is subjected to 10% sales tax in Malaysia.” Err… I just knew it after double confirmed with Royal Malaysian Customs Department. My newly purchased Azden SMX-10 Stereo Microphone which imported from United States was subjected to 10% sales tax. Initially, I thought all photography equipments like camera, flashes, lens and including microphone are non-dutiable goods. Guess that I am wrong… (Check out ~ Free duty (non-dutiable) goods in Malaysia)

Most of my photography and videography equipments which I cannot find in Malaysia were imported from US. None of them were subjected to any sales or duty tax. But only this time, Azden SMX-10 Stereo Microphone that I got from B&H Photo Video as usual… Will be clever next time by asking Royal Malaysian Customs Department first before making any import purchase.

  • Oh, when they started this???

  • Wah 10%? What a… Btw, when you buy stuff from you U.S. how would they know what you bought?

    • Every shipment needs to go through customs first. They will unbox it. Then reseal it again. (For UPS cases)

      • Oh ya. I usually just bring back those stuff directly from US rather than shipment and never get taxed! 🙂

        • Bring back directly is the best way. But too bad that I did not have the chance to go to US yet. So buying online is the only way for me.

  • Hmm, I wonder if Lensbaby lens is taxable. Judging from the list, it looks like it is not.