My very first payment from Lijit Networks

Lijit Networks is the latest advertising company that I tested. Why? Google AdSense disabled ad serving to And I need to a replacement. So I ended up with Lijit Networks. Why I picked Lijit Networks? Because Lijit Networks was acquired by Federated Media Publishing. It should be okay else it won’t be acquired by Federated Media. Therefore, I give Lijit a try…

First payment from Lijit Networks

It is hard to find a good CPM ad that pay well. Any other CPM ad company that you recommend?

  • thanks for the tip … i’m always looking for ‘safe’ ad networks to try .. so i’m gonna try them

  • mniki

    why was the site banned from adsense ??? porn content or illegal clicks ???

    thanks in advance ..

    • No or less original content.

  • mniki

    by the way .. may i know there ecpm please ???

    • $0.20 for US. $0.08 for International.