5th Innity cheque received

Oops… I was wrong. Innity managed to pay April cheque on time. This is the 7th 5th payment from Innity. Too bad, the last 2 payment was late and cannot be counted for SP Blogger’s Certified Make Money Tool. And I am afraid that Innity cannot make it at all with current VERY LOW earning. Other people at LowYat are complaining too

Innity April payment

It is not easy but not hard also to get certified as SP Blogger’s Certified Make Money Tool. Only 10 on time payments will make it to the list. So far Google AdSense, ADSDAQ and Nuffnang managed to get listed. Rest assures that they will bring you revenue because I am still getting good earning from them.

By the way, I will give Innity for another 1 month of trial. If 3 continued months with virtual no earning, no point to publish its ads, right? Because, it will…

Slow down website loading speed == low ranking in Google == No No