Nuffnang Ads are slowing down your blog?

Lot of advertisements will slow down your blog’s loading speed. High earning return is the highest priority but its loading speed is important too. Therefore, you need to be careful when publishing advertisements. Publish high performing and fast loading ads only.

Nuffnang Ads are slowing down

I ran 5 tests with WebPagetest. From the result, Nuffnang Ads slow down my blog in 4 out of 5 tests. Luckily, this slowness only happen once in a while. Nuffnang migrated lot of new servers due to increasing bloggers who joined Nuffnang. Hopefully, Nuffnang servers can support all of us and don’t slow down our blogs. Can you, Nuffnang? 😉

  • I removed Nuffnang because I found it slow down my blog page rendering. I logged a ticket to them asking for ads serving performance issue but they said it’s working fine. LOL.

    According to Google Page Speed rules, a browser only can process 5 .js file at one time if not mistaken. So basically if you put more ads on your site it will create the so called processing bottleneck for browser 🙂

  • never know about this.

  • BungSelamat

    I have nuffnang slowing down my site to a complete halt right now. I know it only happens once in a while, but I really wish the part of the js can be opted to be put in the footer instead of between contents. THat way even if the ad would load slow like a snail the main page will still load regardless.