One more step for ADSDAQ to get certified

Here you are… My 9th ADSDAQ payment from PayPal. ADSDAQ will be known as Certified Make Money Tool at end of this month. By that time, I should get the 10th payment from it. Yeah!!!

9th ADSDAQ payment

ADSDAQ will be ranked as No 2 in just after the champion ~ Google AdSense. Keep performing, ADSDAQ. 🙂

  • May I know where you put the ADSDAQ ads on your blog? I can’t see the ADSDAQ looks like. Thanks

  • @Alvin Lim: You need to use US IP proxy server to see the ADSDAQ ads. It is image ad and will only appear on US IP client. All the ads like Google AdSense, Nuffnang are ADSDAQ backup ad. So those places are ADSDAQ ad placement.

  • This is cool. Sounds like Google ad manager. I will try that to see how it works 🙂

  • I have one request..Will you make a post step by step on how to make money with ASDAQ? I have been following your earning with ASDAQ for quite long..Want to try it too

  • @Een Rockstar: Sure. I love to write that. But not so soon as I am busying with other stuffs now.

  • Inform me when you publish a guide step to ASDAQ..:) I got stuck when filling in payment method

  • wow. you earn great. I will try this one at my blog. Looks what happen.

  • i can’t seem to find the ads code to be put on my blog. The site is not user friendly, any help on how to locate the adsdaq code?

    • I saw that you successfully added ADSDAQ ads in your blog. Well done. 😉

      • Yeah, i’ve already put adsdaq codes in my blog. tnx for the reply!