Internet income report for August 2009

Hmm… Before I started to write this post. I felt that this month earning will be less than previous month. Why? Because of Google AdSense. Google AdSense provides most of the Internet income. It dropped US$ 30 from previous highest level due to keywords pay rate was down. However, most of the other income sources increase. Make money online? Yes, I was busy with online stock trading lately. The earning is way better than these below but you need to take the risk when stock market goes down…

Internet income report for August 2009

Google AdSense – US$ 221.87 (RM 775.10)
ADSDAQ – US$ 62.26 (RM 217.50)
Nuffnang – US$ 42.86 (RM 148.48)
Infolinks – US$ 24.92 (RM 87.05)

Grand Total: US$ 351.91 (RM 1228.13)

I tried Innity Performance Network last month. Was not happy with the 2 weeks earning and support response. So I took the code down. After that, I received some ad campaign emails from Innity Media. Therefore, I put back the code back on 31 August. By the time I wrote, I discovered that the Innity backup ad function is not working. Hmm… Are you using Innity Performance Network? Do you face the same issue as I do?

  • The figure still looks good man, no worry. Previously I do subscribe ADSDAQ, but it doesn’t allow me to put in ads in because it says got Chinese character. So I din’t place any other ads after that.

    I notice that if we put additional ads, it will slow down the page loading 🙁

  • @Ah Hong: Haha… I get used to the slow loading. Hard for me to remove those ads because there are performing.

  • Haha, true oso la. If they can’t perform then I will just remove them, haha.

    So far your eCPM still doing good?

  • @Ah Hong: I have around US$$1.70 for ADSDAQ CPM. Consider good I think.

  • Performance network is a new product that Innity has recently introduced to the market and it develops quite rapidly. During last 3 month it has almost doubled in size and there’s a big number of clients interested in this product.
    There’re a lot of developments going on where we improve our system and introduce new features. Innity media team works hard to resolve any issues that arise in this regard and we do our best to service you better:)
    We welcome new publishers and we are happy to receive any constructive feedback at for our mutual successful cooperation.

  • The income is a little less but still good nonetheless.

  • infolinks? did you ever try adify? its also paying depends on CPM..

  • @zawzal: Infolinks == in-text ad. How is Adify pay rate? Better than ADSDAQ?