Pay back PTPTN loan!!!

Hey, pay back your PTPTN loan now. Don’t ever delay any payment. PTPTN don’t have much fund left. It needs your money to lend to others. Hurry up and pay back!!!


Above was the letter that I got from PTPTN. Asking us to pay back the overdue loan payment. Some of my friends also getting this letter from PTPTN. Hmm… Don’t know how to pay back? No worry, just follow the guide ~ How to pay back PTPTN loan online? Be sure to pay it. 😉

  • My wife received the letter as well.
    A repayment of MYR3000 is made via Maybank2u immediately.

    • I wish to pay back. But was facing issue with PTPTN online payment system. Will try again tomorrow.

  • Hohoho,

    Like Along seeking their penghutang 🙂
    But this kind of letter sounds more polite better than along

    • PTPTN definitely looks PRO compare to those ‘along’s…

  • so, are you already start paying your ptptn loan??

    • I started paying since working. 5 years already…

  • Chii Chie

    This is regarding the 1% interest charges that PTPTN promised. I am currently starting to repay my loan and my interest charge is still at 3%. I had asked the officer in the PTPTN office and they say that they are process it. Yet, I do not know how long it will take. I also had taken this issue to my local assemblywomen but she recommended that a memorandum to be signed with as many people as possible so that she could sent it to the minister’s office. Since you have an active blog, could you help me in gathering as many people that face the same problem? Else in the meantime, you could send your details to these address to let them know you are also facing the same problem:

  • Wen

    Need your advice urgently. I’ve just received a similar letter. Actually this is the 3rd letter they sent me in 4 years time.
    But this time they mentioned the amount they want me to pay, all outstanding up till July 2010. For the previous 2 letters, I just made some payment as it din’t specify the amount. And I’ve been paying on and off all these years too.
    So my question is did you pay the amount they stated in the letter (all outstanding) or just half of it will do? Will they still take action if I pay a smaller sum? Coz I really cannot afford 10k right now and am out of the country.

    • I paid all of them. You can try to ask them. See smaller amount payback can or not…