Share It! Help us spread the word across

“Share It! Help us spread the word across. Share this with your peers and friends.” If you notice, I just added this tag line before every article on my blogs. I tried WordPress plugin like SharedThis and Sociable. But none of them really bring much traffic. And I am using Sexy Bookmarks right now with special help of the Share It image.

Share It! It will definitely catch readers’ eyes. But will they help to share it out? That’s the question…

Will you help to share it?

  • SK

    I think putting a banner “Share this” won’t actually help too much. Either you have some amazing content which people love or you network with other people. i.e. You stumble my sites and I’ll stumble your sites back.

    By the way . . Thanks for visiting my site and the comment. 🙂

    • I do agree. People don’t simple stumble unless the content is really good. Anyway, I just put for a month or two to see the result. 😉

      • SK

        Definitely interested to see your results in a month or two. 🙂 It’s a little difficult when blogging is a hobby, you might have one post in a given month that has amazing content that draws people in.