Submit URL to Google, Yahoo and Live Search Engines

Submit URL to Google, Yahoo and Live. Yup, remember to submit your new website or blog URL to search engine like Google, Yahoo and Live. It is a must for new website to submit URL to these 3 major search engines. You might want to submit to your own country local search engine but these 3 main search engines are enough for me.

Here are the links to submit website URL to Google, Yahoo and Live Search Engines



Live (MSN)

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  • I think it is bad bad way to submit your blog in search engine, because when you submited your blog elapse more time when your blog will show in search. Better way is just advertise your blog in few forums or blogs, then google indexing these webs find your blog link and add your blog in search engine.

    Sorry for my bad english skills. I hope you understand what I mean. (But maybe my english skills isn’t so bad?)

  • @Andrius: No harm to submit it to search engine. And more incoming links are good. Do both of them is better. 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing such useful links..they have been helped me a lot to submit my site over the most popular search engines.


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  • Hello! I’m newbie in Internet, can you give me some useful links? I know only about Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo

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