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Okay, Google recommends us to have a custom 404 page. Not all sites that link to you will have correct incoming link. So they land on non-existent page. A custom 404 page will provide other helpful content and encourage visitors to explore your site further. How to create useful custom 404 page? I use AskApache Google 404 WordPress plugin to do the dirty work for me.

I customized it to display Google search results, related posts, recent posts and popular tags. Furthermore, it also implement noindex meta tag so that the 404 page won’t be indexed by search engine like Google and save PageRank juice for important pages. Isn’t that great?

Want to see an example? Click here to see it for yourself.


Fix HTML ~ meta description, title tag and non-indexable content issues on Google Webmaster Tools. Yes, I have been ignoring these issues before Google Panda Update. And they are getting more and more. Why do we need to fix them? Google states, “addressing them may help your site’s user experience and performance“. Who know it might improve our site search ranking on Google. So no harm to solve those issues, right?

If you are using a good WordPress theme, you might not see any issue. But I am using a 4 years old own customized theme, so I missed out some of the issues which patch by WordPress. And I need to do manual work here. Hopefully, Google search ranking will be better after all these issues are gone. 😉


I was going to write article ~ ‘How to make money online with autoblog / scraper sites?‘ initially. But then I went to have a look on those scraper sites that I reported to Google. Yeah, some of them are de-indexed from Google search. So it is not possible to make money online with autoblog / scraper sites for long term. Anyway, I am not an autoblog supporter since I blog. I write for human not search engine. Okay, let’s talk about reporting scraper sites to Google. And the story goes like this…

With some random keywords testing after Google Panda Update, I discover 10 scraper sites actually outrank mine. Most of them are made for AdSense (or other advertising companies) with autoblog technology. One of them does not have a proper content at all. Full of keywords for search engine. And it actually outranks mine thanks to Google Panda Update. So I took the initiative to report them to Google. Hopefully, Google search result will be better without them. Hehe.. Actually, hopefully, my blog will be rank higher without them standing in front.

Yes, Google removed 4 out of 10 entries that I submitted from the search result. De-indexed from Google search totally. They still exist in Bing and Yahoo but not an issue because they never appear in the 1st page.

Want to make Google search a better place? Use this spam report tool to submit scraper sites to Google.


Interesting… Scraper sites outrank mine in Google after Farmer / Panda update. Seriously, this is really bad for authors like me who spend precious time to write articles. Hmm… something must be gone wrong with Google latest search engine algorithm. Is my blog being marked as ‘content farm’ site? I wonder…

Here are the keywords that I searched ~ dome queensbay mall.

Scraper site ranks at 7th while mine at 10th. Furthermore, this scraper site is just only 2 months old. And is having more than 100,000 entries at Google search index. JayceOoi.com only have around 7,000 entries indexed.

Which one is the ‘content farm’ site?


Err… My blog ~ JayceOoi.com traffic dropped since February 2011. I thought that it was the mistake that I made by changing geographic target in Google Webmaster Tools from United States to Malaysia. However, it was not when Ah Hong told me about Google’s ‘Panda’ Update on 12 April 2011 globally. Google’s ‘Panda’ Update started to take effect on US search result on 24 February 2011.

JayceOoi.com latest traffic stats

JayceOoi.com traffic got hit from Google’s ‘Panda’ Update on 24 February 2011 and 12 April 2011 again. Around 25% in total. So I have to work 25% harder to get more traffic from Google search engine. Surprisingly, my another 2 blogs ~ spBlogger.com and PrettyGirl2u.com are not affected at all with this update. Maybe they are higher-quality sites than JayceOoi.com.

I changed back geographic target in Google Webmaster Tools to United States for JayceOoi.com in February. But I did not see much increase in traffic. I guessed that it needs to take sometimes to see the effect but I was wrong again. So what should I do? No, I won’t stop here and do nothing. I will start looking to improve my blog to match to Google latest ‘Panda’ algorithm. I will win back all the traffic that I lost.

By the way, I did some keyword testings on Bing and Yahoo. Haha… My blog actually rank higher on those two compare to Google. And I do notice that some ‘spam’ websites which stole my content actually rank higher than mine. Err…

By the way, do you like Google’s ‘Panda’ Update?