Tanjong PLC ~ financial year end net profit 676.773 million (increased 45.93%)

The latest financial result from Tanjong PLC is out. Tanjong managed to get financial year end net profit increased 45.93% to 676.773 million.

Tanjong PLC last 3 months stock price

Tanjong stock price had been floating around RM17.00 to RM18.00 for the last 3 months. Will the latest financial announcement help it to break RM18.00 and go up until RM19.00-RM20.00 level? By the way, Tanjong declared fourth interim dividend of 17.5 cents per share (EX date: 14/04/2010, payment date: 30/04/2010) and a final dividend of 30 cents per share (EX date: 28/07/2010, payment date: 13/08/2010).

Is Tanjong PLC still a value stock to buy? Based on current stock price at RM17.74, RM1.00 dividend will bring you 5.63% return in 1 year. It is still better than 2.6-2.8% fixed deposit rate. The question to me, should I top up? Hmm… I think it’s time for me to find other value stocks to invest. Need to study hard…

  • Kt

    1st of all, we should not compare the share return ratio to fix deposit because fixed deposit is capital guaranteed. Giving 5.63-2.6% fixed deposit rate= 3.03%, you take more risk for the extra 3.03%, worth it? Genting buy MGM’s senior secure note with 9% interest and with MGM’s property as the guarantee, Genting seen earn more and lesser risk compare to you invest on Tanjung. If ignore the share fluacture and hold it long term, 5.63% is slightly higher than EPF,merely 1%. It will be insult if want to brand you slightly better than EPF’s trust managers. haha How about capital gain in short term? PE 17 is fully reflect? or what PE it can achieve is up to your timing lor, haha,,good luck brother.

  • Tanjong is a fundamentally solid counter. You can invest in it without worrying it will close shop. At current price, i guess it is just not my cup of tea.. ^^