Thanks Advertlets for its second cheque to

Yeah… Who said that Advertlets did not pay? Here is my second cheque from Advertlets. And it is the cheque for denied cash out. Josh Lim sent this cheque after determined not click fraud from my end. 😀 So what are you waiting for? Ask for your denied cash out cheque lo. 😛

My second Advertlets cheque

  • I am happy to hear and would recommend other Malaysia’s Blogger knows more about Adverlets and their service and payment are paid promptly.

    Congrats Jayce on the cheque 🙂 Keep it up and you will reward well.

    David Cheong

  • I’m still skeptical with adverlets. When we started bugging them only them they shows up. Where they all gone all this while??

  • Ahaks, In the end Advertlets pay to selected blogger, I hear many problem an angry from blogger, when Advertlets not pay and pending the payment

  • David Cheong, Advertlets payments are NOT paid promptly. Check on my other posts for more info.

    zaki blogjer, my advice… stay away from Advertlets. It is a painful process to get your cheque. 😛

    Rjuna, you need to write a post on your blog to complain else Advertlets will just keep quiet.

  • Jayce, i’m sure that they will improve more since many Malaysian have signup their service. 🙂

    For some reason, i think it is for secure payment issue, that is why some are delay, but sooner or later will received the payment once every thing is cleared.

    David Cheong

  • wow.They really did send.Congratz!.Anyway, my cheque still not arrive since about 5 month I cashed out.

  • David Cheong, hopefully…

    Dante-San, try to contact Josh Lim directly. If not reply from him, write a post at your blog then. He will reply from there. 😛