Make money online with Google AdSense

Google AdSense… This is the one online advertising that you don’t want to miss out when you just start your website. You will see a lot of “Ads by Google” on most of the websites. You can see some of them here too. Google AdSense is bringing the most of the online income to me for the moment. 😀

Google AdSense provides 3 types of ways to make money. There are…

AdSense for Content
Display ads that are targeted to your site’s unique content.

AdSense for Search
Offer your users site search or web search while earning revenue from ads relevant to their search terms.

Earn more by referring users to useful products and services.

I use “AdSense for Content” for all my websites. There are Ad unit (which consist of text and image Ad) and Link unit. Both of them will bring income to you. You can see some Ad units on my website – Jayce Ooi’s Paradise. Most of them are PPC (Pay per click) Ads. You will get paid when other click on the Ads. Another one is PPV (Pay per view) Ads. You will earn some income when the Ads are displayed at your website. But PPV Ads pay less than PPC Ads. Therefore, better stick to PPV Ads unless you have a lot of page hits. 🙂

Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s sign up Google AdSense with below banner.