Updated to WordPress 2.8 in 5 seconds…

Yeah… It’s time to update WordPress engine to the latest one ~ version 2.8. There is lot of improvements since version 2.7. And it is faster to use it too. I updated my testing blog site to version 2.8 with automatically upgrade. It took only 5 seconds to complete the entire process. For your information, my testing blog only has 2 posts on it. Not sure how long will it take on blog with lot of posts.

Download WordPress 2.8

I love WordPress. It is the best blogging engine that I use so far. Using it on 3 of my blogs – Jayce Ooi’s Paradise, Pretty Girl 2u and SP Blogger of course.

So what are you waiting for? Head to WordPress to download it or use upgrade automatically function and install. 😉

  • I really love the one click upgrade feature…no need to upload using FTP anymore and deploy :p

  • Jys

    I updated lor.. love the upgrade automatically feature. 🙂

  • @Jys: Good good… I am still in progress to backup all my files and databases. Lot of them need to be backup. Will install it one by one. Starting with spBlogger.com. 🙂

  • I’ve just upgraded 1 of my blog to WP 2.80, nothing much different with WP2.7.1. So far I just figured out the changes for “Widget”, other than these, still looking..:)

    Ka Hoong

  • @Ka Hoong: I also just updated spBlogger.com to WordPress 2.8. Test run for 1 week. If no issue found, will deploy to other blogs then.

  • still not update. using 2.7 yet..

  • i also dont update my blog yet…. how do you backup ur wordpress to update wp 2.8??

  • @Prince of Andalus: Use FTP to download all the files from the server. Then update with the latest WordPress 2.8.

  • thanks for fast reply.. 🙂 how about wordpress sql? did u use wp-db backup plugin??

  • @Prince of Andalus: I did not use that plugin. And forgot to mention that I used my hosting cPanel SQL backup tool to backup it.

  • @spBlogger : ok thanks, i will update my blog to wp 2.8 the day after tmrw… thanks for ur help

  • It is also easy to backup and transfer all your websites from one server to another server if you have cPanel installed~’.