4th Infolinks PayPal payment received

Yeah… Another photoshopped Infolinks payment made by me again. This is the forth. There are people out there who don’t believe me and said that I photoshopped these payment statements. Well, they are right. I did photoshop all of them. Do you believe? 😛

Infolinks March 2010 Payment

  • Dropping by ere. Got ur paycheck huh. =)

  • Congrats!! I still dont use Infolinks as I use Kontera. I got my first adsdaq payment yesterday so I am dead happy!!

  • Yeah, you photoshopped it by blurring the details 😀

  • wahh. YOu earn very well with infolinks. But i still not have chance to reach my payout yet..

  • Wow, really you do earn pretty good from Infolinks. Keep it up mate. I dont earn much with infolinks 🙁