Block low paying Google AdSense Ads

Do you block low paying Google AdSense Ads? No. I did not block any website ads from showing at my blogs. And I got some of the very low paying ads like $0.01 per click. Some of them don’t even have value (invalid click I think). I searched around with Google and found out a website ~ AdsBlackList that will list out 200 low paying website URL. You need paste these URLs at Google AdSense Competitive Ad Filter. By doing so, you should able to block low paying rate ads, right?

Without further ado, I headed to to generate the lists. Oh, I need to register first in order to use the service and I can only generate 50 URLs on free account. Well, at least I got 50 out of 200 URLs. After created an account, I keyed in my website URL, title and 20 keywords. Huh? How does AdsBlackList going to generate the low paying rate ads URL? After testing awhile, I discovered that it use the keywords that I put to generate the URL list. And it can only generate 1 URL with my keywords. Premier member should be able to get more URL, right? Ya, ya… You will get 1 only too.

AdsBlackList in action

Does this AdsBlackList really work? Well, I don’t think so. Google AdSense will assign ads based on the keywords on every single page. And these pages will have different keywords. By putting low paying rate URLs in Competitive Ad Filter list will not do the trick. I tried AdsBlackList. Is it a useful tool? NO. It is useless for me.