– Beware of this online advertising company

Firstly, I am very disappointed with and the owner, Josh Lim. Therefore, I have this article to express my feeling. Hmm… I really don’t want to post this. But he leaves me no choice. What can I do? No reply when email him. No reply from Advertlets Support. Express the thought like other lo. Check out my previous post – More Advertlets complaints from others . The others also don’t like Advertlets ma. πŸ˜›

The best way and the only way to get Advertlets’ attention is by positing an article at your blog. Why? Josh Lim himself doesn’t have the time to reply to all the tickets at Advertlets Support and emails. However, he got time to leave comment at this very new blog where nobody knows about it. I did not do any marketing yet so the traffic is very low. (See Make Money traffic statistic in picture). I posted – Advertlets – The slowest payment advertisement company in town on 6pm. And I get reply from Advertlets Support on 8:34pm. Wow, that is really fast. πŸ˜› However, when you do the normal way – submit ticket at Advertlets Support. Here is what you will get. A reply after nearly a month. (See the ticket ELI-814706 in picture). Then, I tried my luck by posting a comment on blog. Yeah. I got email. In the email reply, I should able to get my cheque on middle of April. (See Advertlets Support Email reply in picture). However, I did not get anything from Advertlets until now. Do you get your Advertlets cheque lately? Or ever?

Whenever I ask for my Advertlets cheque. The first reply will be -"We noticed a significant amount of click fraud at your blog ". Does it sound familiar to you? Do you get the same response when you ask for your Advertlets cheque?

Actually, the battle already started since on my post – King of complain is backed!!! . Josh Lim himself leaves comment at there too. See the 3rd comment. I was doing benchmarking on both Nuffnang and Advertlets back then. Josh Lim said, "Good luck with your benchmark, we will always endeavour to improve our service πŸ™‚ Let me know personally (at this e-mail) if any of your requests ever go unanswered, and I will look into it. Cheers. ". I also got ‘special treatment’ by Josh Lim himself back in 2007. He rejected my first and second cash out. His reason == click fraud lo. What else? (See the whole email conversation between me and Josh Lim in picture). This is interesting, do read it. πŸ™‚ Come on, I just want to see the click fraud that he claimed. He asked me to go to court pula. Aiyo… And he requested me to remove all his replies on post – King of complain is backed!!! on his email. (See his email reply in picture). What? Cannot show other? Let me show you what I have…

Josh said that my blog – Jayce Ooi’s Paradise had significant amount of click fraud until the end of August 2007. Therefore, he denied my 2 RM100 cheque. (See my Advertlets dashboard in picture). And the third RM100 still in processing since 18 Dec 2007 cash out. Jayce Ooi’s Paradise has around 100 to 150 daily visits during 10 Jun to 27 Oct 2007. (See the traffic stat in picture). Nuffnang and Google AdSense did not deny my earning during that time. What’s wrong with Advertlets? I earned US$35 for AdSense and RM50 for Nuffnang during that period. (See AdSense earning and Nuffnang earning in picture). Due to the limitation of Advertlets system, I can only retrieve earning data from 20 Nov to 21 Dec 2007. (See Advertlets earning in picture). Do you see significant amount of click fraud in my AdSense, Nuffnang and Advertlets earning report? No, right? How can Josh lim see it? I wonder… πŸ˜•

Jayce Ooi’s Paradise does not have Advertlets Ad since 21 Dec 2007 due to unprofessionally Josh Lim himself. I don’t trust Advertlets since then. And Josh Lim still let me down even now. πŸ™ Jayce Ooi’s Paradise has around 400 to 700 daily visit now. (See current traffic stat in picture). I am thankful to all my readers. And I am getting around US$40 for AdSense and RM80 for Nuffnang monthly right now. I am very happy with it. πŸ™‚

Did you notice Advertlets tagline is "advertiser + bloggers = money + happy"? However, I did not feel any happy at all since I joined Advertlets. I just know that the money is in Josh Lim’s pocket, not mine. πŸ™

Thanks for reading my long sharing about Advertlets. Actually, there are a lot more to write. But I am too lazy already. I gave Josh Lim 3 chances. But he picked his way. Oh well, I guess my Advertlets earning is gone. Give Advertlets free advertising at my blog for nothing. And help him write 3 reviews some more. How about your Advertlets earning? Still coming?

My advice to those still have Advertlets Ad on your blog. Think… Think… Think… Should you still put Advertlets Ad after reading my sharing? Don’t trust me? Fine, just search at Google for Advertlets bad news.

Finally, please help me spread this sharing to all your friends. Write post at your blog and link it back here. So that all of us will be not be cheated by Thanks for your help!!! πŸ˜€

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