Increase Google PageRank by exchange link

One of the ways to improve Google PageRank is by exchange link with others. By the way, Google treats website page that lot of incoming links to have higher PageRank. Therefore, the more incoming link the better. For example, here is the link page of SP Blogger.

How do you exchange link with other? I will add other link first before asking for link exchange. This will show that I am sincere to exchange link. However, not all the sites will exchange link with you then. Some of them will just ignore you. I faced it. Anyway, I will visit most of the links that I have from time to time. If I found out that my link was gone, their would be too from my links page. To be fair, okay?

Want to exchange link with me? Just drop a message at Contact Page. Do add my link first before ask me to add yours. Thanks. 🙂