Is Twitter a good marketing tool?

Twitter is not new to me. But I am not active since I signed up Twitter June last year. Why? Not many friends of mine are on Twitter. Most of us are connected through Windows Live Messenger. That’s the reason that I don’t have link to my Twitter account on my blog…

Is Twitter a good marketing tool? Based on my experience on Maxis10 iPhone 4 review, Twitter is good on live event or short term marketing with hashtags. For example, Maxis10 hashtag to show all the tweets about Maxis10. However, it can only display up to 1 week tweets that contain Maxis10 hashtag. No more older than 1 week tweets (today is 13 October 2010).

Same apply to normal Twitter search. It can only return result up to 1 week only (as it is using the same search method on hashtag). Therefore, older than 1 week tweet cannot be found. Again, this is good for short term marketing only.

As a conclusion, if you plan to have long term marketing on your products, better put money on those search engine optimised blogs like Normally, people will use Google to find and not Twitter, right?