Just Host sucks all the way!!!

Err… I am not an easy angry person. I won’t post it at blog if someone just made me angry 1 or 2 times purposely. But more than that? I am sorry, I can’t keep it to myself because I need to warm other from falling into my situation.

Thanks to “top web hosting” Google search result. I found this ‘wonderful’ Just Host shared web hosting company. Just Host must pay quite some money to get into top 10 listing. Or does it deserve to be on that list? NO is my answer. Why? Just Host web hosting suck. Just Host database server sucks. Just Host live chat support sucks. Just Host domain management tool sucks. Just Host cancellation team sucks. Just Host refund team sucks…

Stay with me. I will post why Just Host sucks one by one. In short, stay away from JustHost.com web hosting!!!

P/S – posting this might get some traffic from search engine as people love to search the word ~ suck. 😛