More Advertlets complaints from others

There are a lot that not satisfy with Advertlets support and services. I knew that after searching on Innit at Nuffnang and Google. Wow… There are really a lot of complaints of Advertlets. Most of them facing the same issues – slowness in everything and blame for fault click. Some even got account terminated. Some of below posts are really interesting to read. Read them all if you have time.

Here are some of them from Innit Nuffnang…
Lov’in Nuffnang
My Magic Post!
This Ads Company Not Paying and Not answering!

And much more from Google…
Advertlets payment issue
Advertlets Sucks!!!
Advertlets Sucks
Yes, I Was Talking About Advertlets
Negative side of Advertlets – the bad and the horrible

Do you notice that I do not have Nuffnang Ad on this blog? I am trying to give Advertlets my final chance by putting up Advertlets Ad on this blog. However, looking at these complaints…

Should I give Advertlets another chance? And when will my first Advertlets arrive?