Tanjong PLC (2267) buying price

Maybank Investment Bank wrote another company update on Tanjong PLC again today. It keeps the same target price @ RM18.60.

Succession planning, and more? Mr Yin Yee Yuen, COO of Pan Malaysian Pools, retains his position. He is nearing retirement age after sixteen years with the company. Mr Goh’s appointment could be seen as succession planning. It could also be read as a possible prelude to corporate restructuring now that Entertainment has been carved out as a separate division.

… from MIB.


Tanjong stock price hover around RM16.40 for 3 weeks. It ended at RM16.16 on November 2009 due to Dubai fear. So what is the best buying price for Tanjong? I set RM15.50 as the buying price on 10th November 2009. I will lower it to RM15.00 or RM14.50 if Dubai issue is getting worst. Let’s wait and see…

Buy stock when economy crisis; Sell stock when on good economy