Third Google AdSense payment with Western Union

Did you manage to get Google AdSense payment last month? I did. And this is the largest cash out for far because it consists 2 months earning. I like Google for using Western Union. The cash out process is much simpler with it. FAST – I can say. However, too bad that the CIMB Bank’s Western Union agent system was down when I wanted to cash out. I changed to BSN Bank. And the process over there was very slow. It took them more than 20 minutes to cash out while CIMB Bank took less than 5 minutes only.

Largest Google AdSense cash out so far…

Yeah… I am getting another Google AdSense payment end of this month. Why? Because I manage to earn more than US$ 100 last month. Therefore, Google AdSense payment is still coming this month. Can’t wait for it.