Time Investment ~ Make your income 10x more

Study is one of the most important stuff in our life. We cannot survive without study in this challenging world. Therefore, I picked a book ~ 时间投资法 to read. It is about time investment. Yes. Time is another valuable stuff that we always wasted. Playing PC games all day long is just wasting our precious time (unless you are pro gamer). Same apply to movie, shopping or other entertainment. Certain amount time spend on them is okay but not too much like most of the people do.


Above picture was taken from original Japanese book (They translated to Chinese version as 时间投资法). It has interesting concept that separated all our tasks into 4 segments ~

  1. important and urgent
  2. not important but urgent
  3. important not urgent
  4. not important and not urgent.

The first segment is like working hour. While second segment is for task like traveling to work, make up before go to work. Third is the most important ~ studying, family fellowship, recharged and fitness. And lastly forth represents the tasks that we should do less ~ watch television, play games and wondering on Internet.

Here are the summary of time investment.

  1. Reasons of time management is not working
    • There is no best way to time management
    • Hard to assess the effect of time management
  2. Reasons of new actions cannot last
    • No motive for action
    • Time needed to make it as habit
    • Did not study failures
    • Copy exactly the practice of the experts
    • Hope for better but no action taken
  3. 5 principles of golden time
    • Don’t hesitate to invest anywhere in order to create time
    • Pay attention on the outcome of certain time like hourly pay rate
    • Don’t simply be ‘Mr nice guy’
    • Priority to do what you like first, good in and tasks that bring income
    • Plan stuffs accordingly, put some buffer
  4. 5 ways to increase golden time
    • Pay attention to current problems
    • Drop / skip unnecessary tasks
    • Assign tasks to others
    • Improve the effectiveness of must do tasks
    • Do what you plan, write what you do

Be sure to get a copy of this wonderful book. You will gain more time by reading it. 🙂