Western Union rate is based on Google AdSense payment date

Western Union rate is based on Google AdSense payment date? Yes, it is true based on my pass 3 months experience. I started withdraw Google AdSense payment by using Public Bank Western Union service since September. I withdrew 3 times in total. I even complaint that Public Bank Western Union Rate is low. I was wrong back then. Actually, Western Union rate is calculated based on Google AdSense payment date. Therefore, no matter when you withdraw it, you still get the same Western Union rate.

Okay, you want some facts? Here you are. I got my 4th Google AdSense payment on August 26, 5th on September 24 and 6th on October 23. The Western Union rates are USD1 == RM 3.3575, USD 1 == RM 3.3858 and USD 1 == RM 3.537. They are matched to Bank Negara Malaysia Interbank Foreign Exchange Market rate. Here is the history buying rate from August until October. By the way, I did not withdraw them on the same payment date. No one can I believe. It needs 3-4 days to process the Western Union payment.

Hope with this article, it will clear your mind a little bit on Western Union rate. 😀