Will stock still go up?

Yeah… Stock had a correction finally on 15 June 2009. It had been rallied since 12 March 2009. That’s 4 month of rally. A bit short than I thought. Based on research firms, the previous rally after stock big fall will last for 4 to 6 months. It ended at 4th month. Will it re-bounce and continue rally again?

Rally from 12 March to 15 June 2009

I always ask this question to myself, “Should I enter stock market now?” There is lot of answers. Some will tell you to buy when low. Some said you can enter market anytime as long as you think the stock worth the price. Keep the stock for long term like 5 to 10 years. No worry when to go in. Average the stock price by buying several times at different price that you think is right.

Oh no… I really need to study more in order to success in stock market. Time to study again… 😉