AdSense for Search first day impression

Interesting… Just after 1 day implementation of Google Custom Search and linked with AdSense for Search. I got some earning from there.

AdSense for Search

Will monitor the earning. Hopefully, the estimated earning will be the finalized one. And continue to improve the blogs. Of course, plan to do lot of marketing from now on… 😉

  • so envy to read this.. =( i was rejected by google Adsense *sob sob*

    • Why got rejected?

      • reason given by Google is due to “unacceptable site content”.. wondering what’s the problem with my site content..

        • hey!! i’m from sungai petani too!! =D

        • Weird… Freebie also considers as “unacceptable site content”?

          • Adsense rule is much tighter than other network, I got rejected as well.

  • Dropping by ere. =). Smiles

  • bro,

    have u tried adsense for domain ? any luck.

    how do adsense calculate adsense for search ?

    • Did not try AdSense for Domain yet. As for AdSense for Search, we get 51% revenue share from Google compare to AdSense for Content 68%.

  • nice one. I hope you can update more in future.

  • Read that you are interested in doing marketing now on, any interest to do link exchange? Like I put your link on my blog and you put mine on yours.