Advertlets – The slowest payment advertisement company in town

Advertlets is the slowest payment advertisement company in Malaysia. Why did I say so? They are slow in everything… Support is slow, cheque payment is even slower. Hmm… There is a long story behind Advertlets and Jayce Ooi’s Paradise . Enjoy the story…

Advertlets was the first local online advertisement company that selected in Jayce Ooi’s Paradise . I joined Advertlets on 28 May 2007. I put a lot of hope in this local company during that time. It was better than Nuffnang back then. I managed to get RM50 by writing a review on Advertlets in its RM15,000 for 300 Bloggers Program! Another RM25 for review . Lastly, another RM20 for Roadshow Event Announcement . Besides paid post, a website should have some income on the advertisement. That is the main purpose that I joined Advertlets. However, Advertlets did not want to pay me for what I deserve. And stated that there are a significant amount of click frauds. Therefore, Advertlets denied my 2 cash out on June and August 2007. See what Josh, Advertlets CEO said to me on King of complain is backed!!! post.

Advertlets forfeited all my earning. After complained… Advertlets bla… bla… bla… Give me back RM90 (hey, it should be RM95) in the end. So I decided to give a chance to Advertlets so that I can cash out again when I reach RM100. Finally, I cashed out again in 18 December 2007. It is 7 May 2008 now. After 5 months since I cashed out. I still did not receive any cheque from Advertlets. Of course, I did complain again on 10 March 2007. And Advertlets did the same bla… bla… bla… again and again. What did I do? I removed all the Advertlets advertisement at Jayce Ooi’s Paradise. What is the point of putting Advertlets advertisement when it do not pay at all?

So… How long will I need to wait for this first Advertlets cheque?

For your information, I received 2 cheques from Nuffnang and 1 payment from Google AdSense already. Third Nuffnang cheque is coming very soon. Advertlets is way too slow in everything.

Think twice before sign up with Advertlets. The cash out limit is RM100. You need a very long time to get it if you blog traffic is low. And Advertlets might deny your cash out then.

  • As your account has a history of invalid clicks (as stated by you), we think its quite justified that we would take extra care to check on the legitimacy of your subsequent cashouts, and as a penalty, the cashout is delayed too. There is no need to worry about not receiving your cashouts if you have not been engaging in fraudulent activity.

  • Based on your email on 1 April 2008 (don’t say this is April Fool Joke), I should receive cash out around the middle of April. However, I did not receive any cheque until now. And I did not see any post on Advertlets blog that state about my issue on 7 April 2008 too. Advertlets seem does not fulfill what has been promise.

    May I know when can I receive it? I have been waiting since last year for my first Advertlets cheque. I am ok if you deny me again. Just let me know… 🙂

  • Hmmm. How odd. I know that they’re always delaying payments but… I only waited 2 months. (I think.) And that was also AFTER they accused me of fraudulent clicks. How odd it is that you’ve been waiting for so long.

  • Advertlets also accused you for click frauds. And delaying payment some more. Hmm… Didn’t see any Advertlets Ad in your blog anymore, why?

    How many of you also being accused by Advertlets for click frauds??

  • Thanx for the info, but for the time being I wanna give a try first. If I experience the same like u, I’ll post it in my blog =)

  • Hi flizzoe, not sure why your comment went to SPAM folder. 😛 Anyway, I retrieve it back.
    I also have the same thought like you – want to try out Advertlets. I did that. And this is what I got. 🙁

    By the way, Advertlets always failed to keep their promise. Josh himself said that Advertlets 2.0 will launch on the 9th of March 2008 (Advertlets first anniversary) on
    What is the Advertlets version on their website? Advertlets Beta 1.80, right? It is already May 2008 now. 😛

  • owh.. thanx for retrieving it back 😉
    hmm.. now i know that not only they are late to pay, they also late to launch! nevermind, still want to try *stubborn -_-“*
    for me it’s like investing – past performance does not reflect future performance – but they still have the possibility to become worse~
    p/s: u work with intel? that’s cool~~~

  • I like to invest too. But I will not invest on those company that have bad pass years record unless I have insider tips. 😛
    Yes, I work in Intel. But I don’t feel cool working there except the air con is cold. 😀

  • H.K

    i think i also will accuse by Advertlets for click frauds coz just now i write my blog in campus..most of my viewers are from my campus…and we r using wireless same IP…….. how??wat can I do ? Remove all their adverts?? Sure there earn alot without pay us… the actual payment

  • Huh? Most of the bloggers are still studying in university and colleague. The IP will be the same in campus if using proxy server. Advertlets system must be good to detect that else… You know. click fraud lo.
    Read my latest post about Advertlets. Another long story there. 😛

    Hmm… By the way, you can put other advertising company ad like Google AdSense and Nuffnang like I do. They are paying. You can see it ma. The earning might be slow if your blog traffic is low. But at least you get it in the end.

  • I am also one of the people who hates advertlets. They too accuse me of frauding since I use lots of PC posting at my campus.

  • Check your stat at See how Advertlets accuse you. 😛

  • Someone Who Cares

    I’m still waiting for my 6 month+ prize to arrive.
    They promised me for more than 10 times already.
    “Delay. Will send early next week. We have to go to party first. We want to spent the money we ‘pow’ from stupid blogger.”

    My cheque? 1 has been flag as fraudulent, I more status set ‘sent’ about 1 month +. I’m sending my first warning today (after dozen of polite complaint). So if I didn’t receive any respond from them within this week, I’ll start war with ADVERTLETS!

    Who wants to join me?!

    p/s: I have that so called c.e.o phone number since he called me about the prize 6 month ago. So if anyone interested, leave your message here. I’ll come often 🙂

  • Pity on you… Maybe this website might help you on click frauds case –
    Get your traffic and click stat there. See got any click frauds or not.
    And stop loading Advertlets Ads if you don’t like them. Since they did not pay you at all. 😛

  • Forget about it…
    they not going to stay long

  • @Shawn: Sure? How do you know that?

  • CC

    Im not a blogger, neither do I do their adverts.. BUT Advertlets engaged on me for my services.. and, I demanded for 50% of the total amount to be paid before commencement of work, and the remaining 50% to be cleared within 15 days from the completion date.

    So, 50% was deposited into my account for me to start the work and that is all the payment I received from Advertlets until now.

    It has been more than 2 months and yet I have not received anything from Advertlets. My constant calling and emailing almost every week has been ignored.

    Nobody answers the phone office. Nobody reply the emails. Josh Lim only once in a while reply me.. (that’s after my constant calling but he never picks up)

    So, 3 weeks ago, I tweeted about this issue, saying that Advertlets owes me money and does not pay and Josh Lim, founder of Advertlets called me immediately upon seeing the tweet (WOW I AM SURPRISED HE CALLED!) and here’s a summary from that call :

    1. Josh Lim threatened me to delete the tweet else he will not pay me a cent! Yes, you all read me right, he threatened me.

    2. Josh Lim said the reason for the delay is because he has no money to pay me. (FYI, I went to SSM to find out about his company profile, Advertlets are NOT POOR). And the remaining amount that he owes me is only RM750.

    3. Josh Lim said he has no money, his staffs also has not even receive their pay!

    4. Josh Lim said again, IF I still insisted to not apologize publicly in Twitter saying “Problems resolved”, he will delay my payment for another 2 weeks.

    5. I refused to do so because I do not see what mistake that I committed, so he continue on saying “Since you insisted that you are right, I will delay again and make it 3 weeks wait”.

    Those were the phone conversation made 3 weeks ago.

    So, I make an agreement with him. I delete the tweet, you email me a Black & White document saying a date that you will be paying and I trust that you will make the payment by the date you promised. So, I deleted and he mailed me saying by 3rd September.

    Obviously, as usual, he DID NOT fulfill his promises again. Its already 8th September.

    So, am I scammed ? I believe I am.