– Sun after the rains…

Continued from – The lies continue…

People make mistake. We are human. Who does not make any mistake before? He… He… And if we done something wrong. Just say sorry lo. πŸ˜€

Josh Lim called me . We talked for quite some time. He… He… All our conversations are private and confidential. This is my first time talking to Josh Lim himself. Hmm… He is willing to call me during off office hour to settle on my case. (This is good). And he really wants to solve my issue here too. Oh well, should I give him another chance?

By the way, Josh Lim also said that whoever has any issue. Please email Josh Lim himself at or call him directly at 012-3995674 . Hopefully everyone case will be solved like mine. πŸ˜€

And lastly, did you notice that I have Ad on this blog? He… He… My final chance is given. πŸ˜‰

  • Note – I do not take side on neither Nuffnang nor Advertlets. I am doing benchmarking on all the advertising company. Will keep all of you updated once I have latest update.

  • All the best ya Joyce…
    I dont want to hear that you will be involved in the fraud click again!!

  • xBrain, Josh Lim called me twice. Asked me to post an article to mention about his call. I posted this due to I don’t want to be disturbed by him again and again. He will continue to call me if I did not put this up. What choice do I have? πŸ˜• Let’s wait and see if he really fulfill what he promised.

    Josh Lim, this is your final chance from me. FYI, some of my friends cash out on April. Please make sure that they can get their payment in June as promised. And I don’t want to hear anything about fraud click issue again on their payments.

  • Aiyo… My Nuffnang membership status turn to Ordinary (non-exclusive) after putting Advertlets Ad here. What should I do?

    Remove it la. πŸ˜›

  • After removed Advertlets Ad, what is the next step?

    Put up Nuffnang ad lo. πŸ˜€

  • my feb earning still pending, shame on josh

  • Huh? Feb earning should be sent on this month. I think you need to call / drop Josh an email then. πŸ˜€