Boost up your WordPress loading speed ~ use WP Super Cache plugin

Does your blog have lot of Digg or Stumble Upon traffic hits? And your web hosting cannot take that hits and crash. Fear no more. WP Super Cache WordPress plugin comes to rescue.

HostMonster CPU Limiting Factors (Throttling)

Some said that HostMonster CPU Limiting Factors (Throttling) data is not accurate. I tried WP Super Cache for 1 day. It does reduce CPU usage a little bit but not much. Why? My blogs don’t have many hits from SU and Digg. So far, I only got around 80 cache pages. Let’s monitor when I get more traffic hits.

Download WordPress plugin ~ WP Super Cache here.

  • I can say that WP Super Cache is a must have plugin for WordPress. After I have enable it, the subsequent same page loading was lots more faster and save the server bandwidth as well

    • Is BlueHost CPU Limiting Factors (Throttling) data accurate?

      • I did check on that before and can say I won’t rely on that chart shown there 😀

        Previously I use Joomla and hits alot of high CPU consumption due to Full Table Scan on the database, got penalized by Bluehost for it.

        But I didn’t encountered this issue when using any WordPress plugin. I remember on the server side there’s one file showing those long running SQL command, you can check that to optimize your website as well 😀

  • Do you got warning from Host Monster like below?

    * Your account is actively experiencing CPU limiting factors (throttling).
    * During the past 24 hours your account has been throttled for a total of 28460.004 seconds.

    How do you fix the problem?

    • I did not receive any warning email but my cPanel shows ‘During the past 24 hours your account has been throttled for a total of 53764.428 seconds.’ 😛

      • I see. One day we have 86400 seconds (24 hours x60 minutesx60 seconds). Then 53764 seconds means around 15 hours per day has been throttled? That’s a lot, right? Not sure I calculated the right way or not?

        • I am not sure too. But seem like the throttle system is not working as it supposes. Do you feel any slowness when loading your blog? Maybe Streamyx is the one that slow us down. 😛

          • I just wrote to HostMonster support team regarding this and here’s the reply from them on the CPU Throttling. 🙂

            In general we don’t ban or shut down accounts for CPU issues any longer. The throttling only affects your site. Too much throttling and you will see some performance issues on the site (speed mainly).

            It means more CPU Throttling will cause the website loading slowly.

            • Yup. We can also pay to upgrade to get more CPU resources when our blog traffic is really a lot. 😉