Do you know how Advertlets define click fraud?

Do you know how Advertlets define click fraud? Honestly, I don’t know. I did ask Josh Lim last year. But he refused to give the details with reason by revealing how Advertlets system works would give click frauder more information to commit further misdoings. Are you one of the click frauders too?

Please read my previous posts about Advertlets to know the background. It is a very long story and I do not want to repeat them over here. In short, Advertlets denied 2 of my cash out on 15 July and 31 August 2007 with click fraud as reason. Below is the daily earning report sheet taken from Advertlets beta website. Daily earning report sheet

Do you see any click fraud?

  • wah…ur CPM earning is more than CPC earning..
    click earning more than without
    from this situation, if click fraud, ur earning will be less, i don think u will click urself.

    So, i think there is no click fraud here.

  • click fraud? where?

  • you know, advertlets stupid one, they simply go and say ppl got click fraud. probably got somebody report it or
    you reply their email that asking you whether your ask somebody to click your ads with any reply other than NO!

    stupid advertlets… i think they got serious financial problem… cos of bad management!

  • jolene, I can’t find lo. That’s the problem. 🙁

    joshuatly, hmm… Hopefully, Advertlets will be better. Else… Hai…

  • your CPM earning is better than CPC earning, i don think there is any click fraud.

  • WPK

    eii dun trust la tat josh lim, face looks like cheap + evil look (unrelated personal attack haha). only respond with excuse and blaming everybody as he is the only wan always right. badmouth about NN summore. GTH Josh!

  • Hmm… I thought he changed to better already. Look like still the same old guy… 🙁

  • TSK

    I justed started my blog for about 15days, got suspicious, search the internet for ‘fishy advertlets’ to see whether others have such problem, found your blog. I noticed some people come to visit my blog, my advertlets earnings increase about 1c daily but they did not stay long. Today I deleted the adverts, see whether they still come. Fishy right!

  • I heard other also face the same issue after deleted the Ads. Don’t know why also… 😕

  • Why not use

  • Is it better than Google AdSense? 😕

  • but i heard many people not get paid yet from advertlets. did you already get paid from advertlets?

  • Advertlets does not pay / delay payment. My friend did not get any payment after cash out on April 2008. Contact Advertlets support, and even Josh Lim himself. No response at all. 🙁

  • I know adverlets are notorious for their late payments. That’s why I chose Nuffnang over adverlets 🙂

  • I’ve crossed out adverlets in 2007 because they block my cash out. They claim that I click the ads myself.

    Today, still not paying other blogger. How lame…