Don’t ever buy comment link building for SEO

Don’t ever buy comment link building for SEO. Why?

Leaving the same comment in short period and in the same article is not a good method. Automated comment link building will lead your website to Akismet spam folder. You may get few first comments approved. However, when more and more people started to mark your comment as spam. In the end, all your comments will in spam folder all the time. Does it worth the price?

Personally, I won’t purchase this kind of service. And Google does not like it too. I believe most of us don’t like our blog being spammed by these useless comments, right?

  • 100% agree with you. My comment box also always full with similar comment like that. Those comments not relate to our discussion/topic at all. I can say its rubbish!

  • Akismet really did a good job in moving this rubbish comment to spam. Sometimes I saw other’s blog full of those spam comment. Real nightmare…

  • Those are bot services and costs very cheap.. I admit I did it on another niche blog but they blast there way through blogs database.. maybe the guy blasted it more than required 😀

    They actually work although most of the people delete them (if they are active) 🙂

  • I wouldn’t buy spam comments. Why would you want to buy trash?