Don’t publish Innity Ads anymore!!!

I am so forgetful. This is a post to remind me not to publish Innity Ads anymore. Please remember this time…

I stopped publish Innity Ads for quite some times after the Innity hosts malware ~ causes inaccessible incident. I login yesterday and found out that there were more than 4 active CPM ads in Manage Campaign. “Wow…” was my first response. Okay, let’s give Innity for another try. Year 2011 should be a better year, right? (I rejected all the non CPM ads).

Guess what? Just as I expected, none of the CPM ads were running == no earning at all. At the time of writing this post, all the CPM ads were gone like Innity Ads ~ now you see, now you don’t case. So Jayce, do remember not to try and publish Innity Ads anymore!!! (I stopped publish Infolinks Ads too. Its earning is way too low).

P/S – one thing that I found out. Innity Ads do not slow down blogs anymore. That’s the good part. But no use if no earning, right?

  • Sounds like they not honest enough. The malware case is really posing risk for online earning, better not to host it anymore.

  • Thanks for informing, but I didn’t try Innity at all also~ Wakakakaka~~

  • it is like innity is not good

  • not many ads now. I saw at many blogger, innity ads not showing anymore..

  • Rhia

    Hi, Innity is a leading ad network across Southeast Asia and the numbers that we have to display are testimony of this along with our certifications and the brands that we work with. With regard to the issue yesterday, we encountered a very brief error on our Advenue system, whereby the display settings on the publishers’ ‘Manage Campaign’ page was unfiltered. Our technical team responded to the issue immediately and fixed the display error. All is working well again and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Thank you for your support.

    (Marketing Communications Manager)

  • naz

    I dont prefer CPM type of ads, their conversion sucks. on the other hand, its good for authority blog/site.

  • I did not try Innity Ads, for my experience you can choose the Ambient network.