Google AdSense Text Ads vs. Image Ads ~ Which one is better?

Google AdSense is the best CPC ads out there. It offers several advertisement formats such as Text Ads, Image Ads, Video Ads, Link Units, Referral Buttons and Flash Ads. A question that comes to me since I joined Google AdSense 3 years ago ~ should I publish Google AdSense text ads only for AdSense for Content?

Google AdSense Text Ads vs. Image Ads

I look around everywhere. Most of the websites state that only publish text ads. Earning is better with text ads only. However, I tried and the earning is lower than both text and images ads. So I stay with the default setting since then.

Never stop trying and testing Google AdSense until you get the best earning for you. Google AdSense does not perform the same on every website. Therefore, you need to find out the one that match your website. From ad formats, colours, to ad placements… Try out everything to get higher CTR and eCPM to maximize your Google AdSense earning. 😉

  • Very true. You have to try until you got the best CTR and eCPM. I read once from Adsense Group that you should used text and image ads setting if you are not sure which is better 😀

  • ya thats right, but i think text ads pay better then image ads, use both text or image ads unit untill you sure who pay you better, i also try to find who is better text, images or video ads but didn get the right solution yet, hope i’ll find . thank you

  • Thanks for sharing this info. I read somewhere that it also matters on your audience. For example media, music webpages would be better with image ads. Websites such as personal finance, investing, etc would be better to have text ads. I’m trying all text ads for now.

    I notice that the google image ads are showing the Google Adwords ad alot. It seems that there is a lack of advertisers for the image ads.

  • Thanks for pointing out to that specific optimization question.
    I’d guess, it depends monstly on traffic and your site structure – while on some sites textads may perform better, on others image-ads will get better results.
    Test continuosly to see where the personal potential relies in…