HostGator vs. HostMonster vs. Just Host ~ Which one is better?

HostMonster (Bluehost sister company) is the first US web hosting that I use. Follow by HostGator and Just Host. HostMonster serves me well for the past 3 years. Past 2 years were great, no major issue. But faced quite some DB server down issue lately and got suspended for high CPU usage last week. Moved out to HostGator and to Just Host and remains at HostMonster.

HostGator vs. HostMonster vs. Just Host ~ all of them are unlimited shared web hosting. Most of the shared web hosting use ‘unlimited’ disk space and bandwidth as the marketing tool. But there is no such thing is unlimited for the cheap price that you pay. Make sure that you read term and conditions fine print…

Both HostMonster and Just Host have 50,000 files backup limit while HostGator offers 100,000 files backup limit. They will not backup any of your files if the backup limit is reached.

We love free stuffs. Both HostMonster and Just Host offer free domain but nothing from HostGator.

Future upgrade? Only HostGator provides VPS and dedicated server packages. So choose wisely else be prepared to have headache when do migration. I asked by HostMonster to move out when it hit high CPU usage limit.

Speed performance? Hard to benchmark unless you have exact website on each of the shared web hosting. But you can have a look with WebPagetest. on HostGator, on Just Host and on HostMonster (for the moment until I move it out to VPS).

Hmm… What else should I cover here? Let me know if you want to know anything extra.

Most of the hosting has discount coupon. Make sure that you search for them on the Internet before you sign up anyone of them.

  • True. Unlimited things come with terms and condition. Hmm, about the migration part how do you transfer the domain name to othwr hosting?

    • I am still using HostMonster domain registrar. Just changed the name server to new hosting. Asked Just Host to transfer to its registrar several days ago. Transfer still in process…

      • Transfer domain registrar to another host need to wait for how many days?

        • Within 1 hour when your current registrar release it. But the whole world DNS servers take 1 to 2 days to point your domain to new name server.

  • i’m fine with hostgator. But might be want to try for justhost. 🙂

  • I would not go for unlimited disk space and bandwidth as I don’t need them because not popular as yours 🙂

    However, I will choose host with great response to support ticket and the resolution time of the support ticket. I haven’t not hose with the three provider you mention.

    Good luck to you on HostGator and JustHost 🙂

  • Just point my domain to hostgator nameserver on a shared hosting. The performance is great. Page load time has decrease around 35%. Download and install new plugin in wordpress done in 1 second. When the domain transfer is completed, DNS lookup time should be decrease as well 😀

  • i just use hostgator. Domain? I buy it from godaddy.

  • Glad to hear that my choice for hosting right now is also used by other web owners. I have sites hosted on justhost also. And I have another on GoDaddy hosting and planning o transfer to other hosting services. Right now my I’m thinking og Hostgator, but I’m also considering Hostmonster.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • thanks for the info. Until this point of time, I am still searching for the best web hosting site. Which one you can recommend to me as part of your experience?

    • All my blogs are hosted at HostGator now. 😉

  • Hassan

    Hi I must agree that Hostgator is the best hosting service in the world. Absolutely blown away with their customer service, SERVER SPEED (On average it is 3X faster than my previous hosting company — absolutely insane), unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth (no additional fees whatsoever), unlimited domains/addons/parked, CGI, PHP5, Curl, SSH, Python, Cron, Image Magick, Streaming Audio/Video & even free hotlink protection, ip deny manager, password protected directories & unlimited php/mysql databases. Did I forget to mention it comes with AWStats and Webalizer built into cPanel for top notch SEO?! And if you get the Business account it comes with a FREE Private SSL and Dedicated IP. With the other hosting companies you would be paying an arm and a leg for the same features. And here’s a bonus…

    If you want a 25% DISCOUNT use the code 25SPECIALDEAL on the “Step 1: Choose a Domain” page at the bottom where it says “Enter a Coupon Code!” when you sign up for any web hosting plan 🙂 ! Enjoy and tell your friends!