How to get featured at Innit by Nuffnang?

How to get featured at Innit by Nuffnang?


Yeah… was featured at Innit by Nuffnang again. The last featured that I know was in year 2008 with – Beware of this online advertising company post. I don’t have a team or lot of friends in Innit by Nuffnang. So getting featured is quite hard for me. Anyway, I prefer organic traffic ~ search engine with the help of SEO. The traffic from search engine is stable and consistent. But no harm to get a spike from Innit by Nuffnang from time to time.

Featured posts at Innit by Nuffnang

How to get featured at Innit by Nuffnang?

  • Write attractive short post title. Nobody will nang your post if the title did not catch their eyes.
  • Ask your friends to nang it. Ask everyone to nang it. No matter is your friends or readers. The more the merrier.
  • Attractive post description does help too. Give some details to attract Nuffnangers to read the full post.

Any other way did you try to attract more Innit Nang? Let me know… ;)

  • Babyblogger

    first of all.. nang it on your own.. :-)

  • Babyblogger

    create as much as Nuffnang account for “Nanging” purpose ha3

  • ah hong

    Too bad I didn’t use Nuffnang :p

  • Marco

    It is a good avenue to attract Malaysian visitors.
    Just like my tech blog, it is build for Malaysian with local contents, but ended up US & EU visitors visit most.

  • tanakwagu

    please nang my innit.i reply in return