I don’t like in-text link ads, do you?

Yup, I don’t like in-text link ads. I feel annoying seeing those in-text link ads popping up when I mouse over them. Especially on those website that contain lot of in-text link ads.

Infolinks in-text link Ads

Which side of paragraph do you prefer? Left or right? I prefer don’t have any in-text link ads at all. However, it does bring revenue to me (around USD100 per month and US traffic helps a lot here ~ higher pay). Some of the visitors won’t click on Google AdSense ads but might click on in-text link ads. Therefore, I tried to show 1 ad only. However, the earning is not that promising. So I tried 2 ads and got it. 2 Infolinks ads have same amount of clicks as 3 Infolinks ads. Finally, I stay with 2. Why put more in-text link ads when 2 ads are enough?

By the way, do check out my Integration Guide for Infolinks.

  • i would love in increase my blog income.. but i sked ppl complain only =P

  • haha, i use tat before…but it annoyed me more than my visitors so i took it off XD

  • I still put in the default value of 12 to optimize my income.

  • I’m proud of you getting USD100 per month. That is really good for me. For infolinks, I haven’t exceeded USD100 for the past few months. 🙂 Yes, I agree – if too many, it will be very annoying but I”m not sure if “2” is the optimum one.

  • nikitha

    please add your total page impress and total number of visitors for every month you are posting … i think that will help a lot…


    JayceOoi.com == 121,755 Visits & 227,505 Pageviews
    spBlogger.com == 7,014 Visits & 10,531Pageviews
    PrettyGirl2u.com == 16,628 Visits & 90,629 Pageviews

    i think april month would have been great … waiting for your income report of april …

    have a great day spblogger …

  • the right side.