Infolinks ~ a better In-Text advertising indeed

Yes, I have no regret to sign up Infolinks last year. I dumped nonperforming Kontera ContentLink at the same time too. Made a correct decision back then. Why? The Infolinks earning is way better than Kontera Contentlink. Just got latest payment from Infolinks.

3rd Infolinks payment

Another good news from Infolinks. It lowered the payment threshold to $50. Yeah… I can get monthly payment from now on (if Infolinks does not let me down). By the way, I don’t like to see in-text ads. How about you? Therefore, I set Infolinks max number of links per page to 3 only. In this case, hope that it is not too much and and annoying. 😉

  • wow that’s really big money.. =)

  • I think 3 text links ads per page still good, I didn’t notice that is ads 😀

    One question, does the text link ads has higher click rate then Google ads?

    • CTR is half of Google AdSense. Same apply to pay rate. But it is good to have in-text ads because some people don’t click on Google AdSense (it looks like ad). Then they will click on Infolinks.

  • Yes I agree, it is good when compare with other in-text ads. I sign up last February after seeing your infolink earning. I manage to earn in average $0.50 per day. Still much lower than yours.

    My CTR is about the same as Adsense. By the way paypal withdrawal now reduce to $50 only.

    • Yup, Infolinks is better than other in-text ads that I use. Wondering… Any other better than Infolinks out there?