Tanjong PLC ~ financial year end net profit 676.773 million (increased 45.93%)

The latest financial result from Tanjong PLC is out. Tanjong managed to get financial year end net profit increased 45.93% to 676.773 million.

Tanjong PLC last 3 months stock price

Tanjong stock price had been floating around RM17.00 to RM18.00 for the last 3 months. Will the latest financial announcement help it to break RM18.00 and go up until RM19.00-RM20.00 level? By the way, Tanjong declared fourth interim dividend of 17.5 cents per share (EX date: 14/04/2010, payment date: 30/04/2010) and a final dividend of 30 cents per share (EX date: 28/07/2010, payment date: 13/08/2010).

Is Tanjong PLC still a value stock to buy? Based on current stock price at RM17.74, RM1.00 dividend will bring you 5.63% return in 1 year. It is still better than 2.6-2.8% fixed deposit rate. The question to me, should I top up? Hmm… I think it’s time for me to find other value stocks to invest. Need to study hard…