Infolinks ~ What should I set in Integration Guide?

I have been using Infolinks since March 2009. It is better than Kontera definitely. In another 2 months, I should be able to get my first Infolinks payment. It will take me more than 1 year in order to get Kontera payment.

How to optimize the Infolinks earning? Here is what I set in Infolinks Integration Guide.

  • Set the Highlight Color same as the hyperlink of your website
  • Double/Single Underline – Set as double underline
  • I only allow 3-5 Max Allowed Number of Highlighted Links per Page
  • Content Category – select the best category that match your website
  • Use the On/Off HTML comment tags to show ads at your post content only

Here is the last 7 days earning with this setting…


  • IMO, it’s largely depends on the geographic location of the users. I have tried changing the settings you have mentioned above, but nothing change much, once I gain traffic from US, eCPM rise a lot, perhaps you might wan to focus on this?

    Btw, is it legal to post the CTR, eCPM, and clicks? Most ad networks dont allow us to post all the details except for the earnings

  • @Edward: I don’t see any Infolinks T&C that state I cannot disclose the CTR detail. Do you?

  • I didn’t use infolinks before. I am gonna try that in the future 😀

  • Cipan

    Wahhh…your click is sooo many…i have got just 10-20clicks per day..but got 1-2USD/day

  • hi,

    Well u got so many clicks perday.

    I only manage to get 50 usd after one year 🙂
    Need to improve my SEO I guess