Public Bank Online Share Trading

I am a Public Bank supporter. I have its 1 saving account and 2 share trading accounts (Collaterised Trading and Share Margin Financing). Too bad that I don’t own Public Bank stock. Okay, back to the topic ~ Public Bank Online Share Trading. Most of the brokers and banks provide online share trading facility. However, not all of them are the same.

Public Bank share trading account is nominate account. There is 30% discount on brokerage rate (minimum brokerage of RM12.00) when we trade online. For contract value RM100K and below, the brokerage rate would be 0.42%. While for contract value above RM100K – the brokerage rate would be 0.21%. The brokerage rate for intraday transaction will remain the same at 0.15%. Good for short-term traders.

The bad sides… I cannot buy Initial Public Offering (IPO) with this account. There is RM5.50 service charge when receive dividend payment. You will get the payment in your PB Sharelink account directly. (No need bank in the cheque yourself)

I have Maybank Online Stock account and OSK share account (OSK188) too. How about you? Do you invest in stock market?

  • Jys

    i’m using itradecimb from CIMB. well, so far so good lar, just their support not so good only. hehe…

  • Great to know that you’re also a supporter of Public Bank. I’m also big fan of Public Bank, I got saving account, credit cards, house & car loan, mutual fund and online share trading account. All these accounts belong to Public Bank.

  • @Lee: You really are a Public Bank super supporter. I have Public Mutual fund too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love Public Bank because they give me good services and I don’t see any reason for me to switch to other bank. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Lee: Totally agree. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • lee

    i have a maybank online share trading account and i am very dissatisfied with it. i’ve had the account for 11 months now and have experienced at least 5 outtages(sp?), 3 in the last 2 months.
    i am looking to switch to another service provider. i am leaning towards Public Bank. how’s their performance in this regard?

    • Good. Did not face issue with Public Bank online share trading (if got, just minor slowness) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kym

    I use
    a lot of extras for seasoned traders as well.

    Their staffs are also very helpful with any problems.

  • In my opinion, that Interest Savings Accounts is way to low!

    • Eric

      Consider to park your money into the share trading Trust account, which offer 2.6% interest . Besides, you can withdraw your fund anytime. Interest is calculated daily.

  • Jeffrey

    I wonder is public bank share trading account provide foreign share trading?

    • Sorry… No idea.

    • Eric

      CIMB share trading account offers you to trade in foreign shares in HK, US, Sg, Indo, Thai, UK etc. Besides, you can also trade derivatives products/future such as commodities (e.g.Gold, Crude Oil, CPO etc) Index future (e.g.S&P 500, KLCI , Eurex Dax etc). You can message me at if you wish to find out more info.

  • Bernard

    Can you use a mobile device to access trading on Public Bank Shares Trading?

    • Nope, it use Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX technology.

    • Eric

      CIMB share trading offers you to trade live with your Iphone. Account opening is free. Message me at if you are interested.

  • geeta

    i am new to share trading with public bank. please assist me. i wish to learn.

  • Chiew

    I have foreign share trading account which direct open in Hong Kong. I trade Hong Kong stock very frequent. It is easier and cheaper (brokerage fee )to trade online if you open foreign share trading account directly in HK currency.

    My friend is staying in HK and she is expect and have 15 years trading in HK stock. she is full timer trade in HK stock. I always get 1st hand HK stock market news & information from her.

    Trade in HK is excited

    • Eric


  • angie

    can i ask iforex is the real trading company??

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