Internet income report for February 2009

February is the shortest month of the year. And the Internet income also reflex to it ~ getting smaller amount for all the income sources. ADSDAQ’s fill rate is getting lesser and lesser. Therefore, income from ADSDAQ dropped from normal range US$ 50 ~ 55 to US$ 35 only. Overall, I still manage to get above RM 800 due to poor Malaysia Ringgit (RM) ~ US$ 1.00 == RM 3.684.

Internet income report for February 2009

Google AdSense – US$ 150.16 (RM 553.18)
ADSDAQ – US$ 34.92 (RM 128.64)
Nuffnang – US$ 27.45 (RM 101.13)
Kontera – US$ 5.52 (RM 20.33)

Grand Total: US$ 218.05 (RM 803.28)

By the way, I dumped Text Link Ads (inLinks). Why? I can’t seem to get it work on my blog. After emailing Text Link Ads support several times, they still can’t solve the issue. I kept getting warning letter stated that the widget is not working on my site. Oh well, what should I do? Removed it is the best way. Google will be happy to see that anyway…

  • Wow, huge amount again Jayce. Which blog of yours earn the most?

  • Nice monthly income that you have. Keep up the great work. Thanks Greg Ellison

  • @ahmike: 😉

    @Greg Ellison: Thanks. You too. Keep up your earning. 😀

  • So nice to earn from Adsense month after month. Wish I could do that too.

  • Why I got zero earning from Nuffnang even ads are showings at my blogs?

  • @Diana: You can do it too. Just matter of time.

    @Marco: Is that CPC Ads? If so, you need to have people click on it in order to get earning.

  • Yes, it is CPC ads. I earn several clicks from Adsense everyday; theoretically I shall at least be able to make some clicks from Nuffnang ads. Just puzzled why the earning is still zero after 1 month the ads was up.

  • @Marco: Nuffnang will filter out invalid clicks. Not sure that you have clicks on Nuffnang or not because people seldom click on image Ads. Therefore, I disabled CPC Ads from Nuffnang. I did not have much CPC Ads click too.

  • What did u select then? You choose default ads?

  • @Marco: I selected “Minimize Ads”.

  • Is there any minimum traffic required for any Nuffnang campaign?

  • @Marco, as long as you have minimum 50unique visitors per week and maintain or improve it. Of course, the more the better, advertisers like huge traffics blog. 🙂

  • ehm. for TLA, i guess you need to have great traffic. If you have good alexa rank. I believe tla will accept you.

  • @eyesolution: I have an TLA acccount. But did not use it because lot of issues. 🙁

  • wait. which site you use for tla? If you have alexa rank under 500k. Its enough to make you join tla. In tla, alexa and relevan keyword are the key. Pagerank comes third..

  • @eyesolution: I tried to use it at Alexa rank is under 200k. 🙂

  • Good to hear that someone gave up selling links via TLA 🙂 . I removed paid links from one of my sites and Google started sending more traffic to that site immediately. I think it’s a nice proof of how deadly can selling links be. And am not talking about jumping from 100 to 110 visits a day… It’s much more.