Internet income report for July 2010

Up… Up… Down… Down… My Internet earning is like riding roller coaster. Vibrant, ADSDAQ and Nuffnang earnings dropped a lot compared to previous month. I noticed that less and less advertisers lately. Is the economy really that bad and most of the companies started to cut their advertising budget?

Internet income report for July 2010

Google AdSense – US$ 414.39 (RM 1283.78)
Vibrant – US$ 166.23 (RM 514.98)
ADSDAQ – US$ 131.79 (RM 408.28)
Innity – US$ 93.34 (RM 289.19)
Nuffnang – US$ 19.71 (RM 61.07)

Grand Total: US$ 825.46 (RM 2557.30)

Besides lesser advertisers, USD is getting even lower this month with 1 USD == 3.0980 RM. It is heading to RM 3.00 which mean US earning is getting lesser too.

By the way, blogs’ traffic is almost the same for the past 3 months. Around 150K visits and 300K pageviews for Click here to see details at DoubleClick Ad Planner. Working hard to increase it but still the same. I think I need to post more popular keywords article to attract more traffic.

  • great earnings .. keep it up dude …

  • what is the ecpm u got in Vibrant & ADSDAQ ?

    good luck …

  • oh .. thanks for your info .. sorry .. i mean u that how many clicks was given to Vibrant ???

  • how many clicks was given to Vibrant ?

  • ABC

    info provided is real or fake? 150k/mnth visitor can get “US$ 825.46”? Theoretically, this amount of “150k visitor = approximate US$ 800” seem not really a idea figure. This amount just simply made your own (Bigger it)? Any prove as this is real amount? act, there have a lot of blog which is 100k-200k, easy work only 🙂

    • All these info are fake. I also posted lot of fake payments. Just browse around this blog to find out. 😛

    • it is all about keywords and the topic. has lots of visitors but most of them do not translate into clicks, not to mention his topic is mainly about his life.

      Whereas a blog with topics such as ‘how to make money online’ has a higher earnings even if the visitors is less than kennysia.

      Keywords + Topic = more money

      • Totally AGREE. Kenny Sia earns a lot from advertorial. 😀

        • ABC

          OIC.Anyway, i think your blog is good content.One of most attract me visit your blog is ” You share your blog income”. Somebody recommended to me because of you share this one. Beside this, i also feel your blog is friendly and simple( easy me to read). Thanks.Kept it. 😉

  • singdreams

    seriously i had check your post for a long time and i didn’t see any updates, whether of stock or blogging income or others

    Can u post valuable stock for those who are playing OSK investment for university students?

    • I am sorry for not updating this blog offer. Enjoying my long holidays now. And just focus on

      Will write more about stock and blogging tips after my long long vacations. 🙂

  • Congrats for the income. 🙂 I think ADSDAQ and VIbrant still a very good income for you.. For Innity, i don’t see any CPM ads since last month. 🙁

  • Siau Hen

    I am just simply enjoy reading your blog. Not many bloggers actually willing to share their earnings, but you are different. It’s really motivating.

  • asis

    august 2010 earnings ???