Internet income report for March 2009

How much will be March 2009 earning? This is the question I asked myself before writing this post. Why I ask? Nuffnang did not meet the cash out limit (RM50) on March. Therefore, no Nuffnang earning will be counted for this month. However, I publish another new in-text advertising company ads ~ Infolinks. It replaced the poor performing Kontera. And it gets better earning than Kontera.

Internet income report for March 2009

Google AdSense – US$ 169.34 (RM 611.68)
ADSDAQ – US$ 56.72 (RM 204.88)
Infolinks – US$ 10.51 (RM 37.96)
Kontera – US$ 2.58 (RM 9.31)

Grand Total: US$ 239.15 (RM 863.83)

Woo… The earning still better than previous month even without Nuffnang earning. Google AdSense and ADSDAQ helped to push the earning by performing better. The new comer Infolinks also helped some even started on 17 March. For those still using Kontera, you can try out Infolinks. It does better than Kontera.

  • Nice monthly income report. Keep up the great work. Greg Ellison

  • You really motivate me to be like you bro 🙂 I did see improvement after blogging for some time. Infolinks is really good tool. I do earn few cents from it 🙂 So far still having problem on how to earn with contextweb lol xD

  • Jack

    Hi Jayce, where did you put your Adsdaq code? I can’t see it on your blog…

  • @Jack: View the page source. ADSDAQ seldom come out at Malaysia IP address. Will display at US IP address normally.

  • Monetized my blogs with Infolinks since last week. Already making few cents daily. How come still no campaign from Nuffnang?

  • @Marco: Not sure about how Nuffnang assign ads to blogger. Sometime, I have lot of Nuffnang ads. Sometime, don’t have any…

  • I can see your ADSDAQ if using proxy server thru US. Congrats man…your figure looks good.

  • @Ah Hong: Thanks. By the way, you work in HP now? Why your comment IP is from HP proxy server?

  • Jayce, you don’t need Nuffnang earning to cover your expenses as your foreign advertisement did very well. 🙂
    Congrats on the improvement of monthly Adsense earning! Soon you’ll hit $200 off! haha!

    Ka Hoong

  • @Ka Hoong: Hopefully, it will break USD200 soon. 🙂

  • need to try infolinks to. get better income is good to motivate me to get more income online. let’s rock infolinks…

  • @data: Yup. You should try Infolinks. Happy earning.

  • ehm..did you try advertlets or bidvertiser?

  • Jayce, you have very good earning every month from Adsense. Btw, how many clicks per day you receive? Mind to share your thoughts? 😀

    Ka Hoong

  • Hehe…now you even track that I am from HP. Yalor, I no longer in DELL anymore. Just shift in HP 3 months ago..

    Eh…sometimes I tried to MSN you…the message like dropped wor. Happy to see you success, you should hunger for more and more! Lol 😀

  • @eyeman: Did not try bidvertiser before. Advertlets? Why use it when the company does not pay?

    @Make Money Online: Around 100++ nowadays. But earning is less.

    @Ah Hong: I am using old MSN version (which come from my company IT). Will upgrade to Live version soon. Hopefully, you can reach me then. 🙂

  • wow!!!
    all that earning only comes from ads??

    I also wants to become like u and better… 😀