Internet income report for May 2010

Yeah… Nuffnang is the big boss! Nuffnang got its first place on August 2008 with Mister Potato ~ Project Trafford Advertorial’s help. And Celcom Advertorial was the man behind this time. I wish that I can have more advertorial coming from Nuffnang in the future (This was the 3rd Nuffnang advertorial since 2nd one 2 years ago).

ADSDAQ performed great and hit historical high again. Infolinks also did a very good job by almost doubling the earning from previous month. However, Innity was falling apart with only RM0.59 earning…

Internet income report for May 2010

Nuffnang – US$ 663.59 (RM 2129.16)
Google AdSense – US$ 366.98 (RM 1177.45)
ADSDAQ – US$ 356.28 (RM 1143.12)
Infolinks – US$ 185.77 (RM 596.04)
Innity – US$ 0.18 (RM 0.59)

Grand Total: US$ 1572.80 (RM 5046.36)

Thanks God. And many thanks to the advertising companies that support me all the while. YES!!! I broke US$ 1,500 and RM 5,000 level (it will take sometimes to hit this record again since that Celcom advertorial only come once in 2 years). Writing more quality posts, increasing US traffic helped a lot to improve this Internet income earning. And choosing the correct advertising company is important too. You don’t want waste your layout space to show those under-performing ads, right?

  • Wow. You have hit total 5k earning. Break record! 2k alone from nuffnang is so great 😀

  • Thousand congratulation! That’s is great income =)

    • Thanks. Your earning should be very good too. 🙂

      • Yours is better, haha. Envy you =) Always learn from you, keep it up, man.

  • landa

    please tell me the information spblogger for may month…. == xxx,xxx Visits & xxx,xxx Pageviews == x,xxx Visits & xx,xxxPageviews == xx,xxx Visits & xx,xxx Pageviews

    thanks in advance .. take care …

  • JC

    good earning…but until now i still cant get google approve my google adsense account… sad..

    my blog

    • Seem like getting AdSense account approve is hard nowadays…

  • Congrats Jayce for amazing record…WOW!!! Well done.

  • Congratulation!! for such an excellent earning. For me Nuffnang is totally crap. Most of my earning are coming from Adsense, Innity & Infolinks. I manage to break RM1000 this month 🙂

    • Congrats to you too. Keep it up. 😀

  • Good shot bro. It’s good to have such earning every month 🙂

    • Yeah… I also wish too. Need to work hard as the traffic is dropping now.

  • raja

    where is june month earning ??? i think u r too late …

    • It will be out at 27-28 July. Waiting for Google AdSense payment and that day USD – MY exchange rate. Income report will be more accurate then. Currency up and down a lot lately.

  • raja

    oh.. thank u 4 ur reply …

    have a great day …

    • No problem. You have a great day too. 🙂

  • just curious, how long you spend to write a good advertorial? Are you spending alot of time in doing blogging?
    thank you

    • Advertorial depends on topic… Around 3-5 hours 1st draft. Second draft even more time to think.
      Blogging == 3 hours per day.