Get fast money with Warez + Google AdSense?

Who said that warez websites cannot work with Google AdSense? Check out and Hmm… Based on Google AdSense Help Forum, we cannot put Google AdSense ads on warez blog / website. How can these 2 sites manage to publish Google AdSense ads?

Check out hd2apps traffic stats here ~ more than 13k unique visitors per day now. This site only 4 months old. With this kind of traffic, you should be able to earn USD1000 per month (or even more). Can you resist not to publish warez?

Hmm… Is there a loophole in Google AdSense Programme Policies?

Updated 23 June 2010 ~ both of the sites don’t publish Google AdSense ads anymore. So Warez + Google AdSense are not allowed!

Updated 30 July 2010 ~ is back with Google AdSense ads. So Warez + Google AdSense are allowed!