It’s time to enter plantation stocks

I love to buy plantation stocks in Malaysia KLCI. There are several good counters that really performing well lately. And the good thing about plantation stocks, you can some kind predict their stocks price by looking at crude oil and palm oil price (FCPO). I noticed that crude oil price also hit bottom and starting to recover now.


My friend Jason told me to monitor HSPLANT. I checked it and discovered that HSPLANT has a good dividend yield ~ around 5-8% depend on the price you bought it. And the capital gain easily goes up 50-75% as the 52-week low is RM1.25 with current price RM2.20. Isn’t plantation stock good to invest?

Most of the plantation stocks hit bottom during November 2008. And bounced back at least 50-100% since then. It will keep going up. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to buy more. Now or never…

  • as u said, plantation stock will hit bottom on November, so mayb can plan to buy after that period…it’s correct timing!!!

  • @imDavidLee: It already hit bottom last year. I am a little late. But still okay to enter now. It will still go up. 🙂

  • A remindser told my gf that Bursa will be going well from now until end of the year..she bought it at RM6.65, now goes up to RM7++ something d. Perhaps you can look over that..but RM7.00 is too! But, stock always has the risk, play smart and safe. 😀

    Ka Hoong

  • @Make Money Online: Nice move. BURSA will still go up. But don’t hold for long as correction will be coming soon.