Just Host live chat support sucks

Okay, here comes the interesting part. This is the trigger point that makes me want to leave Just Host shared web hosting as soon as possible. Unprofessional Just Host live chat support.

Just Host live chat support sucks

I hate people ended my chat conversation when I am not done yet. This is so unprofessional. Furthermore, Just Host live chat support is slow to response. And does not willing to provide help on the spot. Then, what is the purpose of having live chat support?

In the end, I sent an email request to Just Host support. Can’t the live chat support agent helps to escalate it? Err…

  • Looks really unprofessional. The person on webchat probably not in the mood to work, and took the shortcut to ask u forward your problem to the email address.

    • He is not the only one. More unprofessional staffs there…

  • Wow… you have posted many articles bad about Just Host. Let me know shall Just Host close down the business… It shall be soon I guess.

    • Haha… Just Host won’t close shop because of these posts.

  • Mimi Tam

    Justhost live chat and email support both sucks big time! A simple problem could get worse and worse from their suggested fixes.

    The live chat support people AND the email support people knew very little and they do not even understand the problem.

    This is no isolated incident. Its been 2 years and they consistently screwed up. I am afraid to ask them to help. They reset a password and I could not logon to cPanel. I explained a problem very patiently and in great detail almost 6 times to live chat and email support. They still do not understand my problem and keep resetting one at a time on my main domain and addon domains and then I could not logon to cPanel.

    I am in the middle of a problem now and I tell you, with no exaggeration whatsoever, I have had it. I could not logon to my cPanel for 2 days and now I could not logon to either my main or one or all of my addon domains.

    How can I escalate a problem and to whom? I saved all my support response email and live chat contents.